About Stonehaven Running Club

Welcome to SRC.


Our club came from the successful evening class - Splash'n'Dash, run by Aberdeenshire Council. On the 1st Sept 2008, we decided to move forward with a seperate club to allow independance from Aberdeenshire Council to further the needs of ourselves the runners. On 10th August 2010 the last Splash and Dash session run by the council and now all running sessions are operated by SRC.


We welcome runners of all abilities, and offer a friendly environment, where people can run for fun or competition.


We aim to have a number of Club events where transport will be arranged - and we have social events as well.


The club has a number of ways of training.



"I thought they were a bit scary - but it turns out that some of the runners are only 50% cyborg"

"I used to be 15 stone, and slow  - but at least I've got more people to run with now!"

"They always make sure everyone finishes together, you can easily run with the steady or faster groups"