2017 Improvers Cup


The Improvers Cup competition is designed to reward runners who are able to show a steady improvement over a season.

On each Improvers Cup session, the runners are timed over the same 5k course. The first time is used only as a base time - on each subsequent run, the time will be compared to that runners base time to calculate a % improvement and scores will be awarded based on that improvement. At the end of the season, the scores are counted for each runner and the runner with the most points wins the competition.


The course will once again be in Dunnottar woods. If a member completes all improver cup sessions then their name will be entered into a draw to win a substantial prize (normally drawn at the prize giving event).

The Improvers Cup dates for 2017 will be:

  1. Thursday 27 Apr 17
  2. Tuesday 30 May 17
  3. Thursday 29 June 17
  4. Tuesday  25 July 17
  5. Thursday 31 Aug 17


Full Results In Spreadsheet Here