Club Standards

The basic idea of a club standard is to give all members the opportunity to work towards a 'standard' which is based on a performance level for your age. The World Association of Veteran Athletes (WAVA) produces detailed tables of age-grading for each distance and age. We then use these tables to produce a %age for each formal race entered which is considered to be an equivalent age-group performance rating. Members enter races and calculate their own performance rating for each race, over a period of time and check against the set of 3 ‘club standards’ (bronze, silver or gold). If they achieve one of these club standards during the course of a year then they will be awarded a medal at the annual prize giving. We want the Club Standard award to be accessible and achievable by all our members. The subsequent awards require increasing levels of performance, and a wider portfolio of races completed. Members will work towards achieving one of these standards in any particular year Jan to end of November.

A simple calculator (many of which are readily available on the internet – e.g. ) will work out a WAVA score for a given race time, race distance, sex, and age. It uses world record information set by people of all ages, male and female. For example, the record marathon time for a 60-year-old male is 2:38:15, by Luciano Acquarone. If you're 60 and male, and you run a marathon in 4:30, you'd get a WAVA score of about 58%, because you ran at just over half of his pace. Using this system, you can make an interesting comparison between times recorded by people of different ages.


Qualifying races must have been run in the current calendar year, Jan to end of November# and be organised under an affiliation with an athletic association so that the distance is measured correctly and results are readily available.

Bronze Award Complete 4 formal events of which 1 must be a minimum of 10k, 2 of which must be over 55% WAVA.

Silver Award Complete 5 formal events 1 of which must be a minimum of a half marathon and 3 of which must be over 62.5% WAVA.

Gold Award Complete 6 formal events 1 of which must be a minimum of a marathon, 4 of which must be over 70% WAVA.

Note that the events that count towards the WAVA scores must be at different distances and be 1 mile or longer.


It is up to the individual runner to inform the club via the email address  that they have achieved one of the standards together with the details of the races so that the award can be checked.

It would be helpful if you send the information in the format:

Date, Race Name, Race Distance, First Name, Last Name, Time Taken


# Depending on date of club prize giving