Championship Update

04/08/2017 22:04

The SRC Club Championship is now past the half way mark with 5 races run out of 8.


All the results can be found in the spreadhseet here but in summary:


Jason Kelly leads the men with 81 points, Scott Sell is 2nd with 75 and Iain Steel is 3rd with 62.

Rebecca Bryce is in pole position for the ladies with 81 points, Louise Kelly is 2nd with 76 and Amy Muir is 3rd with 53.


However, much could change - all those mentioned above except Amy have run 4 or more races, so will find it more difficult to increase their scores since only their top 4 scores count.


The next championship race will be the Dyce Half Marathon on 13th August. The remaining races are:


13/08/2017 Dyce Half Marathon
17/08/2017 Cheyne Hill Race
04/11/2017 Aberdeen Beach parkrun