Training Sessions


Please check your email and facebook regularly for updates to training sessions.


Tuesdays and Thursdays




Meet at the Leisure Centre at 7:00 pm for this training session.

SRC training meeting at the Leisure Centre at 7:00 pm on a Tuesday and 7:30 pm on a Thursday. There is normally interval training, but also every so often trail runs, hill runs, tempo runs or moonlight runs and the Improvers cup. Refer to the calendar for specific dates.

Meet at Community Education Centre from 9:30am for a prompt start at 9:40am for either a tempo run or some interval training

Saturday mornings tend to be ad-hoc training sessions. They may be a Long Slow Run aimed at people looking to take part in either half or full marathons, or trail runs or just buddy runs. Members will be notified of forthcoming sessions through email. 




Sometimes the meeting place and time can change any changes will normally be sent to members via an email prior to the session.

A number of the participants take advantage of the creche available at the Community Education Centre