Welcome to Stonehaven Running Club (SRC)

SRC aspires to let people put that little extra in to get more from themselves.

We welcome runners of all abilities, and offer a friendly environment, where people can run for fun or competition.

We have a number of weekly training sessions and members atttend local events where transport is shared. We also have a few social events as well.

See what the club expect of runners.

The Club has a number of ways of training.

We also organise a number of races ourselves.



Training Sessions

Monday 7:15pm Stonehaven Leisure Centre
Tuesday 7:00pm Stonehaven Leisure Centre
Thursday 7:30pm Stonehaven Leisure Centre
Friday 9:30am Community Education Centre
Saturday Various  
    Saturday mornings tend to be ad-hoc training sessions. They may be a Long Slow Run aimed at people looking to take part in either half or full marathons, or trail runs or just buddy runs. Members will be notified of forthcoming sessions through email.


More information about the type of session and the coach can be found in the calendar which can be viewed here:




Stonehaven Running Club doesn't run any beginner-specific training sessions. but we try to be an inclusive Club, which aims to support people of all abilities with their running and help them to get the best out of their training. 
All Club sessions are approximately one hour long, and it is expected that runners would be able to run at their own pace for the full hour. All club sessions start with a warm up, and finish with a cool down. These are of varying lengths depending on your running ability and speed. Most sessions will have some breaks to allow the coach to explain the session plan, and to allow runners to recover from their reps.
If you think this could be right for you, you can come along to a session or two before you join to see how you get on.
Alternatively, you might prefer to look for a more beginner-specific session in which case you could contact jogscotland https://www.jogscotland-stonehaven.com/
Another option might be to look at a "couch to 5k" programme which can help beginners to gradually improve.https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/exercise/couch-to-5k-week-by-week/
Also, you might want to consider attneding our local parkrun https://www.parkrun.org.uk/stonehaven/ which strongly encourages new runners to come along and walk, jog, or run at their own pace with no pressure, and no concerns at being left behind as there is always a tail walker at the back.


Try Before You Buy

You are welcome to come to a couple of sessions as detailed in the training sessions page to try out how we train and meet fellow runners. Then we ask that you become a member for the princely sum of £16 for the year. There is NO cost to take part in any of the Stonehaven Running Club sessions.



Club Championship Final Results

04/11/2017 14:46
Today saw the last race in the 2017 Club Championship at Aberdeen parkrun www.parkrun.org.uk/aberdeen/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=324   A lot of parkrun PBs from SRC runners with Michael Barker finishing as the first SRC male ahead of Jason Kelly and Scott Sell which meant that...

Championship Update

04/08/2017 22:04
The SRC Club Championship is now past the half way mark with 5 races run out of 8.   All the results can be found in the spreadhseet here but in summary:   Jason Kelly leads the men with 81 points, Scott Sell is 2nd with 75 and Iain Steel is 3rd with 62. Rebecca Bryce is in pole position...

El-Brim-Ick Dash

17/01/2017 00:00
The first race of the 2017 SRC Club Championship was the short but tough El-Brim-Ick Dash taking the competitors over Brimmond Hill and Elrick Hill (twice) to the North of Aberdeen. 14 Stonehaven Runners took part with Rebecca Bryce and Neil Easton taking maximum points in the female and male...

2016 Championship Final Results

30/11/2016 13:59
  The final race of the 2016 SRC Club championship was the 6 mile Run4It Knockburn Cross Country event. Finishing times for the 6 mile and 3 mile race are shown below....   Name M/F Time  Gender Pos    Points Ann...

Aberdeen Beach 10K 2010 Results

08/06/2010 00:00
 The results for the Aberdeen Beach 10K can be found by following the link.


23/05/2010 00:00
NB There may have been other SRC runners in this event, but if they were running under a different name it's difficult to be sure. Pos RaceNo Name Gen Cat Club Time ...